Testimonial From Chris Lwin – China (No In New York, USA)

Chris’s former name before the name change was Aye Lwin. Me and Chris have a bit of a history. He has also been a follower of mine since about 2010 as well. Funny thing is that every time I launch a new program online, he is the first customer I always get which is awesome. Goes to prove the point I made on one of the presentation videos when I said a customer who paid you once, is 40-60% more likely to do business with you again. This is proof that I Know what I am talking about.

Chris was living in China, and recently moved to New York with his brother. He started a Sushi business there. I am thinking of flying out there to try it one day 🙂 What’s cool about Chris is he operates his agency from the office of his sushi restaurant. So as he makes Sushi, he also fulfills traffic orders that he gets following my training. Goes to show you how easy it is to fulfill an order when you get one.

What’s cool about his testimony is he shows you his recent sales he got from the previous week. He recently just got his biggest order for $600 and he was super excited about that. I am very happy for him and cannot wait until he receives a $2,000/mo order as we are working together towards that.

I transcribed this one too because I could not understand a word of English from him 🙂

of course, the timelines mentioned are from the first recording of this video.