Reach Your Optimal Work Time and More –10 Brilliant Business Tips of the Week

The Hottest and Most Brilliant Business Tips for YOU – Reach Your Optimal Work Time and More

Our research ninjas at Credit Suite smuggled out ten amazing business tips for you! Be fierce and score in business with the best tips around the web. You can use them today and see fast results. You can take that to the bank – these are foolproof! Get to the optimal work time for you and your employees and stop wasting time!

Stop making stupid decisions and start powering up your business. Demolish your business nightmares and start celebrating as your business fulfills its promise.

And these brilliant business tips are all here for free! So settle in and scoop up these tantalizing goodies before your competition does!

#10. This is the Good Kind of Enabler

Our first jaw-dropping tip is all about sales enablement. Mail Shake says it’s the act of helping someone better reach the objective of making a sale. Here at Credit Suite, those terrific folks are called the Setters Team.

The best thing people in sales enablement do is smooth the way for sales to do its thing. Sales will make more sales and be more successful if they know their prospects better. And they get this knowledge from the people in sales enablement.

But that’s not where sales enablement stops. The sale doesn’t end the relationship.

Post-Sales Enablement

Your customers won’t like it if they’re buttered up and sold to and promised to and then dropped like yesterday’s news.

Can you honestly blame them?

So there’s another piece of the sales enablement puzzle. This is maintaining the relationship. The sales enablement team is extraordinarily helpful here as their work frees up the sales team to concentrate on getting new sales.

The sales enablement team is, of course, the perfect group to ask if the customer is happy. Maybe their circumstances have changed and they can benefit from an upsell. Or maybe there’s something which just annoys them about your product or service. Giving your customers empowerment and listening to their concerns is extremely helpful when it comes to retention and renewal.

Your goal should always to be to surprise and delight your customers. A sales enablement team can make it easier to do just that.

#9. Keep Your Facebook Pictures the Right Size and Reap the Rewards

The next awesome tip is about Facebook ads. Wordstream notes the main image size for Facebook has been 1200×628 for several years now. But that’s not the only image size you can use on the largest social media platform on the planet.

The article is just fantastic as it goes into exquisite detail on the sizes and where you should use them. It also outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

In fact, this article goes into where in the customer sales journey you should use each type of image. This is an outstanding amount of free information in one short article. We highly recommend bookmarking it and referring back to it frequently.

Yes, it’s that good.

Optimal Work Time Credit Suite

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Reach your optimal work time today.

#8. Customer Loyalty Rocks!

Our following life-changing tip concerns customer loyalty programs. Sleek Note lays it all out for us.

You’ve seen these in a thousand places by now. It’s the card your local coffee shop gives you and, once you get the eleventh punch, you get your twelfth latte free. Or maybe you get a muffin. We might be hungry ….

This article adds a few twists to the genre. One is what we all know as Amazon Prime – pay for the privilege of saving money. Which seems weird when we put it that way, eh? But the bottom line with Amazon Prime (and the article’s example, Barnes & Noble) is you are paying for more than a discount. It’s also faster, free delivery and a greater selection.

Save the Planet With Your Customer Loyalty Program

Say what? The Body Shop ties its loyalty program to charity. They know their clientele cares about the planet and about animal testing. The logical extension of that is animal welfare in general. Hence, beyond offering the usual perks, The Body Shop lets you donate your points to a specific animal welfare charity, Born Free USA.

The Community Approach

Plus there’s Sephora. In addition to offering products and discounts, they bring access to an exclusive club of like-minded users. Hence they get a commitment that goes beyond the free makeup samples they provide on your birthday. Pretty cool, huh?

Optimal Work Time Credit Suite#7. Get a Bigger and Better Email List

Speaking of loyalty, for our next sensational tip, we looked at growing your email list. WP Beginner says that the tried and true methods can help your business, too.

Signups Galore

Make it easier for people to sign up for your emails. Don’t make them hunt for how to do this. In fact, the article gives a number of places on a website or in a blog post or other webpage where you can add a signup form.

Perhaps our favorite tip is to use multiple signup forms. After all, your customers are individuals. Treating them all like one, big monolith isn’t going to get you sales or win you any fans.

Dovetailing with this is the idea to create multiple lead magnet pages. A lead magnet essentially offers added value for your customers and prospects. Hence you’re offering 5% off or the like, most likely clearly on your signup form.

Treating customers and prospects like individuals will go a long way in all aspects of your business.

Twitter to the Rescue!

Then there’s Twitter. Users can even sign up for your mailing list without having to leave Twitter. Now that’s convenient.

#6. Solve Problems and Make Your Business Better

This tip is so helpful, and it works! Startup Professionals tells us all about successful business problem solving.

There are a number of actionable tips, including acknowledging a problem exists, and verbalizing the problem.

So we recommend reading the article in its entirety. But first, a real life story.

Personal Conflict and How Hard It’s to Get Transportation in Some Parts of the US


My darling cousin got married a few years ago, in the western part of Westchester County, New York, near Dobbs Ferry. The venue was beautiful, and it was right at the peak for foliage.

There was just one problem.

Your intrepid blog writer lives in Boston. My brother lives just outside DC. Our elderly parents live pretty far out on Long Island. We were at odds as to how to get there.

Flying was a bad idea as the closest airport was still over a half an hour away, and everyone had so much stuff to take, we’d all be over the weight limits. This was a three-day weekend extravaganza, after all.

This problem was solved by figuring out what worked best for all. This turned out to be a train for my husband and me, and driving for my parents and brother. My parents got us, and I was able to drive the rest of the way and do all of the driving while at the event. Plus I drove back to the Newark train station when it was time to go. So the folks didn’t have to drive quite so much.

And having two cars for the event meant flexibility and comfort.

How Do You Apply This to Business?

It all came down to negotiations. And it also came down to recognizing how fulfilling others’ needs also fulfilled our own. It also meant embracing the fact that the solution wasn’t a perfect one. After all, my parents still had a few hours of driving to do after the train station. But at least it was better than without us.

So consider looking outside yourself and your own needs and think about the other person’s. What satisfies them just might help you out, too. But you will never know if you just sweep your company’s problems under the rug all the time.

#5. Reach Your and Your Employees’ Optimal Work Time

Grab this mind-blowing tip while it’s hot!

Your and your employees’ optimal work time is a vital decision for you to make when hiring.

What do we mean by that? The question is, which is better for your needs: full-time, part-time, or temp?

Effortless HR says there are a number of factors to take into consideration. It’s not just about the money!

Your Employees’ Optimal Work Time and Their Productivity

How fast are your employees at doing their tasks? If Susan gets the same task done in half the time that Dave does, do you make her a part-timer? Truth is, we think that’s kind of unfair. Is she getting punished for efficiency?

Don’t we all want more efficient employees? So why work with them less?

So, we were happy to see this article didn’t push for that. Rather, the idea is to see how much can get done – but productivity can only be improved so much. Plus, we think you should be concerned with your workers’ health and well-being. Bring a slave driver isn’t good for anyone. All that does is increase absence and turnover.

One exceptional point the article makes about optimal work time is that two part-time workers don’t quite equal one full-timer. Part of this is due to more flexible work schedules which many part-timers get as their due. And another part is double the training, more sick days, more slow days, more ramp-up time, etc. Saving on paying full benefits just might not be worth it.

What if Temping is Your Employees’ Optimal Work Time?

We see this in retail all the time. As the holidays wind up, more and more people will get a job in malls and stores. Or it might be a second job for them, to pay for gifts or get ready for tax season or whatever.

And then once the holidays are over, those people will experience layoffs.

Er, you didn’t think Santa’s helpers worked in the mall all year ‘round, now, did you?

And of course tax season reminds us of the people with advanced math skills and accounting degrees who can get temp work as tax preparers and reviewers.

If your business is seasonal in nature, temping might be the optimal work time for most of your employees. If you sell swimming pools, you probably aren’t seeing a lot of sales action in November. So why not stay on good terms with those folks and rehire them when the weather gets hot again?

Even non-seasonal businesses might have big projects where they temporarily need more hands on deck. It’s another option for filling your staffing roles and giving your non-temp employees their own optimal work time, too.

Optimal Work Time Credit Suite

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Reach your optimal work time today.

#4. Marry Social and Email Marketing

Check out this spectacular tip, all about combining the power of social and email marketing. The Self Employed notes that the return rates from email marketing are far better than those from social.

And that makes sense, as email is something which goes straight to your customers and prospects, whereas social postings are subject to platform rules and algorithms.  Of course your audience won’t necessarily open your emails. They might bin them, or their email programs might. Or they might skim and then hit unsubscribe.

But there is still a better chance of reaching them this way.

So, Why Bother With Social If Email is So All-Fired Awesome?

Because you can cross platforms, folks!

What this means is, you want to have an email newsletter signup form on your Facebook page. And you want to use snippets from the newsletter on Facebook and Twitter, along with a link to subscribe.

In return, you also want to ask your newsletter subscribers to share your content with their social networks.

But the best part is creating and using a common calendar. Synergize the newsletter and the social media folks so they are quite literally on the same page. That’s where the magic happens.

#3. Control Your Inventory Before it Controls You

It’s not your imagination: this winning tip can help you better manage your company’s inventory. T Sheets tells us that good inventory management can make for a far better customer experience. After all, if you can’t find what they need, or they can’t, or it takes to long to get to them, guess what?

They’ll go to someone else. Someone who has their inventory act together. Very ouch.

Dropshipping Can Save Your Bacon

Our fave tip was to embrace dropshipping. The truth is, we think many businesses can benefit from it. Dropshipping is when you pay someone else to deliver your goods for you.

By working directly with a dropshipping company, you are working with a transport specialist. They will have a better idea of when to start the process, which form of transport to take, etc.

Concentrate on selling your widgets and let someone else handle the headaches of maintaining a fleet and all that it entails. Yes, you will have to pay a fee for shipping. But if you get more time to perfect your product and improve your prospects’ customer journey.

Leave the driving to someone else.

#2. The Holiday Shipping Season is Coming – Ready or Not!

Our second to last unbeatable tip can give you a new perspective on holiday shipping. Fundera reveals all about the busiest time of year – it’s coming faster than you think!

Being ready is, of course, far superior to not being ready. So, here’s how.

One of the best tips is to understand just what are the absolute, last days you can ship in order to make an Xmas delivery. These dates differ from FedEx to UPS and the Post Office, so know those days!

FYI this year Chanukah overlaps Xmas, running from December 22 to the 30th so there may be more deliveries right around the 24th and 25th than in most years.

Give Your Customers Many Happy Returns

We loved this tip, and we know a lot of people will use it. The idea is to, quite simply, make returns easier and more convenient. And, of course, keep a written return policy if you don’t have one already.

Don’t wait until the last minute, when your staff is up to their elbows in sweaters that people didn’t like. Have a policy so they know it and can wield it. And making the process easier can make new customers. They might decide that your return process is so excellent, they would like to do business with you. It can happen!

#1. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude When It Comes to Your Customers

We saved the best for last. For our favorite remarkable tip, we focused on gratitude and how to thank your customers. The SBA says thanking your customers may not be 100% altruistic on your part.

But you should do it anyway.

Our favorite tip was the one which is the vaguest – offer a little something extra, and make it clear it’s in thanks for them being your customer. The kicker is for it to be a surprise.

Don’t look now, but here’s an upgrade! Surprise – free shipping! Woot, here’s 10% off, just because! Or maybe a little something comes in the snail mail. A card, a gift card, flowers, a fruit basket? Only you know what your customers want, need, and will appreciate.

As always, the only limits are your budget, your time, and your imagination.

So which one of our brilliant business tips was your favorite? And which one will you be implementing now?

Optimal Work Time Credit Suite

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Reach your optimal work time today.

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