Will I Get Conversions From Solo Ads Traffic?

Let me ask you a question?

When you start a Pay per click advertising campaign, do you ask if your campaign will be profitable??

NO you do not rather… You rely on your keywords, targeting, ads, and spending countless thousands of dollars over time to make your campaign profitable.

And you need to accept this across all traffic mediums not just pay per click.. YES… that includes solo ads traffic as well.

Just like how with pay per click, you rely on testing ads, keywords, bidding, and targeting… it is the exact same with solo ads where with solo ads:

You rely on:

  • Testing different vendors
  • Testing several email ad copy
  • Testing different lead magnets and offers

You have to keep doing this until you find a winning combination for your business of vendors with a list that matches your offer, combined with a matching email ad copy and offer.

And the only way to figure this out is by TESTING!