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AnotheReality | Milan, Italy | Mid-Senior Game Developer / XR Developer (Unity) & more | On-Site |

We’re a VR/AR development studio founded in 2016 based in Milan, coming from the game development industry: we mainly develop B2B applications, but we’re also working on a platform to enable future developers (technical and not) to easily develop and deploy XR applications, with open source code to be used within game engines or through a web interface with an authoring tool.

We’re now looking for a XR Developer (mainly Unity based, but we also welcome people skilled in Unreal Engine) to expand our development team. Min of 3 years of experience, solid coding skills with C#/C++ (and also outside game engines).

See more on the position here:…

If you’re interested you can mail directly me (CTO) and ask anything you want at (add a [HN] in the subject!)

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