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  Location: Georgia
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: No
  Technologies: TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Redux / MobX, HTML / CSS, Node.js, Go (Golang), PureScript, Haskell, Drupal
  Email: email is in the resume

Senior Software Engineer primarily specializing in front-end web engineering. Proficient in React / Typescript (strict mode). I have also made significant contributions to the backend side of the projects ranging from Haskell, Go, Node.js to Drupal.

I have contributed significantly to open-source functional communities in JavaScript, PureScript, and Scala. I’ve invented version of the Free Applicative structure with most optimal asymptotics (and stack safe), which was adopted in PureScript and Scala from my original JavaScript version. Implemented stack safe version of PureScript’s Effect monad. Was mentioned in Acknowledgments of Build Systems à la Carte and Selective Applicative Functors. (links are in the resume)

Besides my technical skills, I have worked closely with designers and product people discussing how to deliver better UX when there are hard technological constraints (for example implementing UI/UX for already deployed smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain), proposed alternative UI/UX sketches for better solving user problems. I’ve been working remotely for the past couple of years and can collaborate productively in asynchronous teams.

I’m looking for remote full-time opportunities where I would be a good fit with my broad experience and provide the most value.
#User Interface #User Experience #golang #js #HTML #CSS #SASS

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