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Calico Energy | SR Backend/Fullstack AND SR Frontend Engineers | US Remote | Full Time with Equity |

Calico Energy serves utility companies nationwide and offers an enterprise software product designed to enable the next generation of energy efficiency programs (and more) for existing buildings. 40% of the energy consumed in the US is used by building stock, and our solution provides a critical first step in reducing that number.

Calico’s utility-implemented data platform helps building managers make the most of their energy footprint. We need senior engineers who work with a small team while quickly iterating toward a product used by building owners and utility admins alike. Our engineers regularly dive into all parts of the stack to ship new features, from wireframe to functional product. Attention to detail, customer-focus, and communication are key, as you’ll be collaborating daily with both technical and non-technical folks in the complex realm of utility data.

To apply:

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