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Remote | Front-End Developer | Sharetribe Platform | Full-Time |

As a sister company to ($10M+ MRR), we are a digital marketplace, connecting their 140k+ paying clients to freelancers. We are looking for an additional front-end developer to rebuild our marketplace on the Sharetribe platform to improve the user experience and usability for all our users (buyers/sellers).


– User Experience: We’re looking for someone who understands what it takes to deliver a quality user experience. There is a massive difference between building what is simple from a development perspective and ultimately delivering the best user experience. You will need the ability to see and feel what it’s like for a first time user going through the projects you develop.

– Communication, Communication, Communication: We are looking for a developer who understands the importance of team communication. Working remotely requires an added layer of good communication. It’s important to keep the team up to date on what you’re working on and if you’re running into any issues, that you’re clearly communicating them to the team so we can work together to figure them out.

– Timelines/Deadlines: Understands the importance of setting and hitting deadlines. Each project you will be expected to set an estimate on how long it will take to accomplish and the work towards hitting that target.

– Detail oriented: Someone who pays attention to detail and cares about the quality of their work, enough so that none of the details slip between the cracks. With each of your commits, it will be important that your notes are accurately reporting what was updated within each of the commits.

– Development Stack: React, Redux, CSS, HTML, Node.js, Github, Stripe, PayPal.

If you’re interested and feel you would be a good fit, please email me your work experience and examples of your work to

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