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Grubhub ( | ML Engineer | Full-time

Search Data Science team is looking for a senior-level ML Engineer to help us drive search at Grubhub. Search team builds personalized recommender systems and other data products drive search-to-order conversion.

Some of our projects, to give you an idea of what you could work on, are:

* Counterfactual Evaluation: how would a change in our ranking algo affect conversion or revenue?

* Counterfactual Learning: how can you use unbiased data from randomization to increase online metrics?

* LTR: Making search more relevant and personalized

* Bandits: how do you sample from the posterior of an arbitrary deep-learning model?

* Online Learning: how can we learn incrementally instead of in batches? How do you update an embedding?

* Multi-objective optimization. How can you balance conversion and revenue objectives?

* Representation Learning: building a product graph from our catalog using large-scale language models

* Semantic search: “chocolate milk” vs “milk chocolate” or not showing french fries and french toast of a “french” query


* Salary + RSUs

* Our projects get lots of visibility/exposure as our treatments are the front page of the app.

* We run many live experiments and have a freedom to try new ideas and influence the business from the bottom-up.

* The team values research: we have a generous conference budget and active paper reading group.

* Unlimited PTO

* GPUs

Please reach out to me:

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