Torpago: The New Player In the FinTech Game

There’s a new player joining Brex, Divvy, and the rest in the FinTech game. Torpago offers similar money management tools and integrations as the rest, with the added bonus that only a couple of the others offer. They report payment to the business credit reporting agencies. 

Is Torpago Right for Your Business? 

It has a number of services that can help your business manage funds more effectively and efficiently. From corporate cards to help manage employee spending to top software integrations, they have plenty to offer. 

Card Details

There are both physical and virtual card options. Limits are assigned on an individual basis. They claim their proprietary underwriting process and technology allow them to offer higher credit limits than traditional business cards. 

In addition, there is no personal guarantee or deposit requirement. Furthermore, it seems to function more like a charge card. So, similar to Net 30 financing, you pay off the total balance in 30 days. That means, there is no interest. To qualify, you need:

  •  A legal business name
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Physical company address
  • And a business bank account. 


Earn one point per dollar spent. In addition, they have offers and discounts with Quickbooks, Carta, and Plastiq. 


They have integration capacity with Quickbooks, FinancialForce, Acumatica, and NetSuite. The integrations offer real time accounts meaning as soon as you swipe, the expense is recorded appropriately in your system. 

Business Credit

They require all approved customers to connect their business bank account to the Torpago system. They partner with Plaid to allow you to do this securely. After that, they have read-only access to view your balance. As your business grows, they will increase your limit. 

They also claim to report payment to help build business credit. However, they only state on their site that they report it to the “right people.” They do not say which business credit reporting agencies they report to. 

Reputation and Reviews

This is a new company that didn’t even have a BBB file until the end of 2020. Unfortunately, they have a C- rating with the Better Business Bureau. They also have an app in the Apple Store that has 4.3 stars. Other than that, while there are few things floating around, almost everyone seems to be kind of in a “wait and see” holding pattern with this one. 


There is nothing glaringly wrong here. While they don’t state who they report to, no one seems to be disputing that they do report to someone. So, if you choose them for your money management needs, the credit can definitely come in handy. Since it seems their underwriting processes may be more small business friendly than traditional banks, it can’t hurt to give them a shot.  But remember, one account reporting isn’t enough to build strong business credit. You’ll need more. Check out these 7 vendors to help you start building business credit

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