Business Financing with Bad Credit is Possible: 5 Business Loans You Can Get Even With Bad Credit

Bad credit business loans are kind of a mystery. You probably aren’t going to find them at a traditional bank. Rather, business financing with bad credit generally comes in the form of alternative types of financing and from alternative lending sources. 

Is it Possible to Get Business Financing With Bad Credit?

If you have collateral, you may be able to get a loan, even with bad credit. Still, there has to be something to mitigate the risk to the lender. So, here are 5 options to consider. 

business financing with bad credit credit suite 4#5 Business Financing with Bad Credit: Cash Flow Financing or Merchant Account Financing

To get cash flow financing, your cash flow must be positive and well managed. That means, you must spend it wisely and avoid taking on more debt than you can handle. 

In essence, you are borrowing from part of future expected cash flows. Consequently, the payment schedule is based on projected cash flows and an analysis of historical cash flows. There may be a minimum credit score requirement.  However, it will usually  not be as limiting as with other types of funding. 

Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance is like cash flow financing.  Yet, the amount of funding and repayment is based on credit card sales. Therefore, the business needs steady credit card sales to qualify. Similarly, repayment is a percentage of daily credit card sales. Rates may be much higher than other types of funding, but credit score minimums are lower.

business financing with bad credit credit suite 8

#4 Business Financing with Bad Credit: Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a great option for purchasing hard assets for your business. The time in business should be at least one year, and there is no requirement to provide financial statements. 


business financing with bad credit credit suite 7#3 Business Financing With Bad Credit: Other Collateral Financing

The amount available depends on the value of the asset being used as collateral. For this type of funding, open invoices and accounts receivable are considered assets that can be used to secure a loan.  

Inventory Financing

The inventory itself serves as the collateral for the loan. There may be revenue requirements and a minimum FICO score.  However, it will probably  not be as limiting as with a traditional loan. 

Invoice Factoring

This is an advance on open invoices, with lenders buying outstanding invoices for less than they are worth.

Honestly, the difference in what they are worth versus what the lender pays is the price you pay for getting the cash up front.  It’s not technically interest, but similar. As a result, you do not get the full amount of the invoices, but you will get the cash faster. The lender will collect the full amount and keep it. 

Account Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing is lending that uses unpaid invoices as collateral. Thankfully, there is no personal credit check.  Instead, credit providers consider the payment history of your customer to determine the likelihood they will pay you

#2 Business Financing with Bad Credit; Securities Based Financingbusiness financing with bad credit credit suite 6

This is a type of collateral financing that can take many forms. The security is investments like stocks, bonds, and investment funds. 

IRA Financing

In this scenario, the borrower invests part of retirement funds into the business. It allows more control over retirement plan assets as well as working capital for the business. 

Stocks Financing

This type of financing uses securities as collateral, providing ready access to capital. The only restrictions are that you cannot use this for other securities-based transactions.

Bonds Financing

This type of funding is usually for a large business acquisition or real estate purchase. The value of the loan is based on the borrower’s investment portfolio. The best part is, if stocks or bonds have value over $25,000, you can get approval even with bad personal credit.

#1 Business Financing with Bad Credit: FinTech Lendingbusiness financing with bad credit credit suite 5

This is lending from alternative lenders. Generally, they operate online and offer less stringent lending requirements. As a result, they also have higher interest rates. 


BlueVine offers invoice factoring and lines of credit. For invoice factoring, there are no reserves or minimums. There is a minimum personal credit score requirement of 530. 

They also offer a revolving line of credit for up to $150,000. To get this, a business must have revenues of $10k or more per month, and the borrower must have a consumer credit score of 600+.


At OnDeck, you can get  short-term loans and lines of credit. To do so, there must be annual revenue of at least $100,000. In addition, the time-in-business has to be at least 12 months, and you need a personal credit score of at least 600. 

To get a line of credit the revenue and credit score requirements are the same, but the minimum time-in-business is 9 months. 


Fundera offers term loans to businesses with at least one year in business and $90k in annual revenue. The minimum credit score is 600. 

They also offer business lines of credit if you have at least 6 months in business and $50k in annual revenue. Collateral may be necessary in some cases, and borrowers with lower credit scores will have higher interest rates. 

To get invoice financing from Fundera, there must be at least 6 months in business and $50k in annual revenue.

Bonus: 401(k) Financing

This type of financing is not a loan. Rather, it is a 401(k) Rollover for Working Capital program. The IRS calls this type of program a Rollover for Business Startups (ROBS)

To qualify, the plan must have more than $35,000 in it, and it cannot be a plan you are currently contributing to or with a company where you are currently employed. Better yet, there are no credit score requirements. 

Business Financing with Bad Credit Is Possible

It is possible to get business funding with bad credit, though it may not be the traditional type loan you are used to. These options can look different, but they all serve the purpose. If you have bad credit and need funding now, these are good options. However, to get the best rates and terms in the future, work on improving your personal credit score and building business credit. Want to know how to get started? Get a free Business Finance Assessment today!


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